Energy Healing

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JoeEtta McAdam – Reiki Master, Energy Therapist

Reiki – $70 hour session.
Reiki is an energy healing modality in which JoeEtta is a conduit for Divine energy. Physical, emotional, & mental health all have an energetic component. Releasing the energetic aspect can aid in the healing process. Sessions may include: removal of dissonant energy, infusion of divine energy, connection to spirit team & angels, connection to inner child, soul retrieval & integration, release of traumas from this and/or past lifetimes, messages from passed loved ones, channeled messages from higher self & guides, chakra balancing, toning, light language. Sessions are Divinely guided and will be for your highest good.

Akashic Records Readings – $30 30 minute session.
The Akashic Records are the books of your soul, also referred to as “The Book of Life “. They span all lifetimes and the space in between. It can be helpful to look at cycles, patterns, behaviors, addictions, soul contracts that are repetitive or hard to break as they may stem from a previous experience you’re not aware of. Your spirit team will pass on information that is relevant and useful for your healing to move past these blocks. You will also experience the energy & feelings of love that God & your spirit team have for you.

Reiki Group Workshops – $33 approximately 2 hours.
Guided meditation, discussion & Reiki energy healing in a small group setting. Topics change monthly and include: inner child connection, self love & acceptance, womb healing, connect with your guide’s & spirit team, align & balance chakras. Message for details on upcoming sessions.

Spiritual Guidance Mentorship – $30 2-30 minute sessions.
Navigating spiritual awakening & healing can be challenging. Having a witness to validate and explain what you’re experiencing is essential to your development. I’ve had various mentors along my journey that helped to normalize what I couldn’t label and provide tips on traversing this territory with more ease & confidence. It is my goal to do the same for you. Message for availability.

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